Reusable Cover Art in Historical Novels:
A Gallery


Sharon Penman, Here Be Dragons
Penguin (UK), 1991, paperback
Brenda Rickman Vantrease,
The Illuminator
St. Martin's Press (US), 2005, hardback
Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales
Oxford World's Classics, 1998, paperback
Source: Detail from Arcita and Palamon looking at Emily in her garden, an illustration from Boccacio's Teseida which Chaucer used as a source for The Knight's Tale. Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna. Thanks to Lane Wallett for the Chaucer info and the source.


Diane Ackerman, A Natural History of Love
Random House (US), 1994, hardback
Ann Chamberlin, Sofia 
Forge (US), 1996, hardback
Janet Wallach, Seraglio
Nan A. Talese/Doubleday (US)
2003, hardback
Paulo Moreirars, O Ouro dos Corcundas (Portuguese)
Katie Hickman,
The Aviary Gate
Bloomsbury USA, 2008, hb
Ellen T. White, Simply Irresistible: Unleash Your Inner Siren...
Running Press, 2007, pb
Rebecca Kohn,
The Gilded Chamber
Penguin (US), 2005, paperback
Rebecca Ryman,
Livre de Poche (France), pb
Cover painting: Adapted from Sir Frank Dicksee's Leila (1892)
(thanks to Mike Henry for the Ackerman find, to Deanna Raybourn for the White, to
António Araújo for the Kohn, and Brett Correa for Shalimar)


Kate McCafferty,
Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl
Viking (US), 2002, hardback
Nancy McKenzie, Queen of Camelot
Del Rey (US), 2002, paperback
Ann Moore, Leaving Ireland
New American Library, 2002, paperback


Karen Essex, Kleopatra,
Warner (US), 2001, hardback
Anthony O'Neill, Scheherazade, HarperCollins Australia, 2001, trade paper


Colleen McCullough,
The October Horse
, Simon & Schuster (US), 2002, hardcover

Pauline Gedge, Lady of the Reeds
Soho (US), 1995, hardback

Margaret George, The Memoirs of Cleopatra, St. Martin's Press (US), 1998, paperback
Source: Alexandre Cabanel, "Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Condemned Prisoners" (1887).  Thanks to Frank McManus for the info.


Maggie Anton, Rashi's Daughters
Banot Press (US), 2005,
trade paperback

Mike Resnick, Lady with an Alien
Watson-Guptill (US), 2005, hardcover

James McKean, Quattrocento
Anchor (US), 2003, trade paper

Source: Leonardo da Vinci's Lady with an Ermine (ca.1482)


James McKean, Quattrocento
Doubleday (US), 2002, hardcover
Michele Desbordes, The Maid's Request
Faber & Faber (UK), 2003, hardcover

 Source: Leonardo da Vinci, Ginevra de' Benci, circa 1474.


Sandra Gulland, The Many Lives and Secret Sorrows of Josephine B.
Scribner (US), 1999, trade paper
Susan Carroll, The Courtesan
Ballantine (US), 2005, trade paper

Source: Josephine Bonaparte, Pierre-Paul Prud'hon, 1805


Sandor Marai, Embers
Knopf (US), 2001, hardback
and Vintage (US), 2002, trade paper
Dan Jacobson, All for Love
Penguin (UK), 2006, trade paper


Henry Grunwald, A Saint More or Less
Random House (US), 2004, hardback, and 2005, trade paperback
Margaret Starbird, Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile
Bear & Company, 2005, paperback

Source: Magdalen, painted by Pietro Perugino (AD 1500).


Diana Norman, Taking Liberties
Berkley (US), 2004, trade paper
James Conroyd Martin,
Push Not the River
St. Martin's Press (US), 2005, hardbound
Flora Fraser,
Beloved Emma
John Murray (UK), 2003, paperback (nonfiction)
Emily Bronte,
Wuthering Heights

Bantam, 1983 reprint ed., paperback
Norah Lofts,
Emma Hamilton
Putnam, 1978, hardbound
Lauren Willig,
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose
Dutton (US), 2008, hardbound
Kate Williams, England's Mistress
Hutchinson (UK), 2006, hardbound

Katie Hickman, Daughters of Britannia
HarperCollins (US), 2001, paperback

Source: George Romney, Study of Emma Hart as Circe (ca.1782-86). Interestingly, Diana Norman's earlier novel A Catch of Consequence features another Romney portrait of Emma Hart (later Hamilton; Nelson's mistress). Thanks to Susan Higginbotham for the Bronte example, Sonja Marie for the Lofts, and Tracey S. Rosenberg for the Williams.


Wendy J. Dunn,
Dear Heart: How Like You This?
Metropolis Ink (US), 2003, paperback
Laurien Gardner
(Jennifer Ashley),
A Lady Raised High
New American Library (US), 2006, paperback
Robin Maxwell,
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn
Scribner (US), 1998, paperback
Source: Anne Boleyn at the Tower, Shortly After Her Arrest (1835),
Edouard Cibot, Musee Rodin, France


Diana Norman, Shores of Darkness
Penguin (UK), 1997, trade paperback
Amy Hassinger, The Priest's Madonna
Putnam (US), 2006, hardcover
Source: Eugene Delacroix, Orphan Girl at the Cemetery (1824),
Musee du Louvre


Regina McBride, The Marriage Bed
Simon & Schuster (US), 2004, hardcover
Julia Alvarez, Saving the World
Algonquin (US), 2006, hardcover
(new bedframe, courtesy of Photoshop?)
Angela Hunt, The Awakening
WestBow, 2005, hardcover
(not historical; same image as the first)
Deborah Addington,
Fantasy Made Flesh
Greenery, 2003, pb
(not a historical novel by any means!) 
Thanks to Yui for this one.


J.D. Landis, Longing
Ballantine (US), 2001, paperback
Caroline Petit, The Fat Man's Daughter
Soho (US), 2005, hardcover
Source: Madame de Loynes, Amaury-Duval (thanks to Lydia Joyce for the reference)


Douglas Kelley, The Captain's Wife
Dutton (US), 2001, hardback
Amy Belding Brown,
Mr. Emerson's Wife
St. Martin's (US), 2005, hardcover


Francesca Marciano, Casa Rossa
Vintage (US), 2003, paperback
Lesley Lokko, Saffron Skies
Orion (UK), 2005, paperback


Anne Avery, Far Star
LoveSpell, 1995, paperback
Susan Squires, Danegeld
LoveSpell, 2001, paperback
(thanks to Lydia Joyce for this one)

Pearl Luke, Madame Zee
HarperCollins Canada, 2006, paperback
John Crowley, Little, Big
HarperCollins (US), 2006, paperback
Joel Rose, The Blackest Bird
Norton (US), 2007, hardcover
Ann Harries, No Place for a Lady
Bloomsbury (UK), 2007, paperback
Joseph O'Connor, Ghost Light
Harvill Secker, 2010, hb
Wendy Wallace,
The Painted Bridge
Scribner, 2012, hb

For three more occurrences of the covers both above and below, see examples on Avis's blog, She Reads and Reads!

Kent Haruf, Eventide
Pan Macmillan (Australia), 2005, paperback
Lorna Landvik, Oh My Stars
Ballantine (US), 2006, paperback
Marie Bostwick, River's Edge
Kensington (US), 2006, paperback
Deborah Bedford, Remember Me
FaithWords, 2005, paperback
Chris Bohjalian, Skeletons at the Feast
Shaye Areheart, 2008, hardback


Nigel Tranter, Hope Endures
New English Library (UK), 2006, paperback
Thanks to Kris McDermott for the first pair!
Ellen Kushner, The Privilege of the Sword
Small Beer Press (US), 2006, hardcover ltd ed.
Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers
Barnes & Noble Classics, 2004, hardcover (thanks to David Rapp)
Alexandre Dumas, The Vicomte de Bragelonne
Oxford World's Classics, 2009
Source: Detail from Portrait of Charles IX by François Clouet (thanks to Geoff Cohen for the ID & last image)


Amy Myers, Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner
Five Star (US), hardcover, 2007
Ann Chamberlin, The Sultan's Daughter
Forge (US), hardcover & paperback,
1997 & 98
Timothy Findley, The Piano Man's Daughter
HarperPerennial Canada, paperback, 1999
Helen Dunmore, Counting the Stars
Fig Tree (UK), hardcover, 2008
Louise Cooper, The Sleep of Stone (an interesting variation...)
DAW, 1993, pb
Marquis de Sade,
The 120 Days of Sodom
Wilder, 2008, pb
Source: Frederick, Lord Leighton, Flaming June (1895)
(Thanks to Amy W for the Findley example, Lianne Burwell for the Cooper, and Adam Royer for the last one.)


Stendhal, The Charterhouse of Parma
Barnes & Noble Books, hardcover, 2006
Amanda Grange, Captain Wentworth's Diary
Robert Hale, hardcover, 2007
Thanks to Susan Higginbotham for finding this one.
Source: Portrait of Achille-Etna Michallon (1796-1822) c1818-1819 by Leon Cogniet; thanks to Amanda Grange and Mike Dow for the source info.


Geraldine Brooks,
Year of Wonders
Viking, paperback, 2002
Kathryn Lasky, Dreams in the Golden Country (Dear America)
Scholastic, hardcover, 1998
Thanks to Kelly Williams for this example.
Source: Amarilla by Frederic, Lord Leighton


John Speed, The Temple Dancer: A Novel of India
St. Martin's Press, hardcover, 2006
Louisa Burton, Bound in Moonlight
Bantam, paperback, 2007
Source: Evening Mood (Humeur Nocturne) by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1882)


Susan Griffin,
The Book of the Courtesans
Broadway, 2002, paperback
Sarah Dunant, In the Company of the Courtesan
Random House, 2006, hardcover
Source: Venus of Urbino by Titian (ca. 1530s). Thanks to Laura Keyes for the example.


Georgette Heyer, False Colours
Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2008, pb
Ann Herendeen, Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander
Harper, 2008, pb
Source: Two Strings to Her Bow by John Pettie (1887). Thanks to Susan Higginbotham for the example.


Margaret George, Mary, Called Magdalene
Penguin, 2003, pb
Liz Curtis Higgs, Mad Mary
WaterBrook, 2001, pb
Graham Joyce, Requiem
Forge, 1995, pb
(thanks to Robert Loy for the find)
Source:  St. Mary Magdalene Approaching the Sepulchre by Gian Savoldo (ca. 1535-40). Thanks to Suzi Hough for the example.


Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca
Virago, 2003, pb
Thomas H. Cook, The Chatham School Affair
Indigo (UK), 2000, pb
C.L. Bevill, Bayou Moon
Thomas Dunne, 2002, hb
Thanks to Karen May for the first two examples, and Amy Bennett for the third.


Janet Mullany,
The Rules of Gentility
Avon A, 2008, pb
Barbara Ker Wilson, The Last Years of Jane Austen
Ulysses Press, 2008, pb
Jennifer Crusie,
Flirting with Pride & Prejudice
BenBella, 2005, pb (nonfiction)
Source: "In Love" (1888) by Marcus Stone.  Thanks to Megan Congdon for the example and source.


Golden Keyes Parsons, In the Shadow of the Sun King
Thomas Nelson, 2008, pb
Margaret Tanner,
The English Rose
Enspiren Press, 2008, pb/e-book
Adelaide Cole, The Flower Arrangement
Harlequin, 2009, ebook
The model appears to be the same woman for all three... the main difference, besides the "headless" aspect, is the amount of cleavage.  Thanks to Portia Da Costa for the 3rd example.


Jude Morgan, Passion: A Novel of the Romantic Poets
St. Martin's, 2005, hb
Douglas Carlton Abrams,
The Lost Diary of Don Juan
Washington Square, 2008, pb


Kathleen Winsor, Forever Amber
Chicago Review Press, 2000, pb
Susan Holloway Scott,
The French Mistress
NAL, 2009, pb
Daniel Defoe, Roxana
Penguin, 2004, pb
Source: Louise de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth (ca. 1671-74) by Sir Peter Lely.  Thanks to Susan Holloway Scott for the first two examples!


Albert French, Cinder
Vintage, 2008, pb
Austin Clarke, The Polished Hoe
Amistad, 2003, hb


Michael Redhill, Consolation
Arrow, 2008, pb
Margaret Forster, Keeping the World Away
Ballantine, 2007, pb
Françoise Sagan, That Mad Ache
Basic Books UK, 2009, pb


David Adams Richards, The Friends of Meager Fortune
Vintage UK, 2008, pb
Walter Zacharius,
The Memories We Keep
Kensington, 2007, pb


Marlon James,
The Book of Night Women
Riverhead, 2009, hb
Cynthia McLeod,
The Free Negress Elisabeth
Arcadia, 2009, pb
Ana Gloria Moya, Heaven of Drums
Curbstone, 2006, pb
Claire de Duras, Ourika
MLA, 1994, pb
(thanks to Lea Frost for the find!)
Simi Bedford, Not with Silver
Random House UK, 2007, pb
(Thanks to Anouska Kock for this and the following two)
Maryse Conde, Moi, Tituba Sorciere
Gallimard (France), 1988, pb
Patrick Chamoiseau, Texaco
Pantheon, 1992, hb
Source: Portrait of a Negress (Portrait d'une negresse) by Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1799-1800), Musee du Louvre.  Thanks to Louise Buyo and Anouska Kock for the source info.



Robert Goolrick,
A Reliable Wife
HarperCollins Canada, 2009, hb
Lori Copeland, Twice Loved
Avon Inspire, 2009, pb


Penny Jordan, Silk
HarperCollins UK, 2008, pb
Janice Y. K. Lee,
The Piano Teacher
Viking, 2009, hb


Janice Y. K. Lee,
The Piano Teacher
HarperPress UK, 2009, pb
Pai Kit Fai, The Concubine's Daughter
Griffin, 2009, pb


Nancy Cane, Circle of Light
LoveSpell, 1994, pb
Janeen O'Kerry,
Sister of the Moon
LoveSpell, 2001, pb


Graham Joyce, The Facts of Life
Phoenix, 2004, pb
Michel Quint, In Our Strange Gardens
Penguin, 2002, pb
Wolfgang Samuel,
A German Boy

Broadway, 2001, pb
Thanks to Lois Ava-Matthew for the first two, and Nancy Savage for the third.


Tasha Alexander, And Only To Deceive
Morrow, 2008, pb
Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey
B&N Classics, 2005, pb
Laura Joh Rowland,
Overlook, 2010, hb
Thanks to Avis from She Reads and Reads for the first pair and Brett Correa for the 3rd image.  Source: The Letter by Charles Baugniet.


Ivan Doig, The Whistling Season
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2006, hb
Diane Ravitch, The Death and Life of the Great American School System
Basic, 2010, hb
Various Authors, Schoolhouse Brides
Barbour, 2005, pb
Thanks to Valerie Kohler from the Blue Willow Bookshop for the first two, and Rebecca Miller for the third!


Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, The Founding
Sourcebooks, Feb 2010, pb
Vanora Bennett, Figures in Silk
HarperCollins, Mar 2010, pb


Amanda Grange, Darcy's Diary
Hale, 2005, hb
Amanda Grange, Mr Darcy, Vampyre
Sourcebooks, 2009, pb
Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
Wordsworth Classics, 1998, pb
Mary Lydon Simonsen,
Mr. Darcy's Bite
Sourcebooks, 2011, pb
Maya Slater, The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy
Norton, 2009, pb
Source: Portrait of a Man (1809) by Francois Xavier Fabre. Thanks to Amanda Grange for the first pair, to Paul Segal for the third and for info on the source, and to Avis from She Reads and Reads for the final images.


Lisa Kleypas, Tempt Me at Twilight
Piatkus (UK), Oct 2009, pb
Dolen Perkins-Valdez, Wench
HarperCollins, Mar 2010, hb


Robert Goolrick, A Reliable Wife
Hachette Australia, Apr 09, pb
Deanna Raybourn, Dark Road to Darjeeling
MIRA, Nov 10, pb


Barbara Kyle,
The King's Daughter
Kensington, 2009, pb
Elizabeth Chadwick, Das Banner der Königin
A Place Beyond Courage)

Blanvalet (Germany), 2009, pb
Thanks to Elizabeth Chadwick for the example!


Sherry Jones, The Jewel of Medina
Beaufort, 2009, hb
Lesley Hazleton, Jezebel
Doubleday, 2009, pb
Roberta Rich,
The Harem Midwife
Random House Canada, 2013, pb
Thanks to Libby Cone (by way of Avis at She Reads and Reads) for the first example, and Brett Correa for the last!  Source: The Queen of the Harem by Max Ferdinand Bredt.


N. Gemini Sasson, Isabeau
Cader Idris, 2010, pb
Tessa Afshar, Pearl in the Sand
Moody, 2010, pb
Thanks to Zohar Laor for the example.


Tracy Grant,
Beneath a Silent Moon
Avon, 2008, pb
Annemarie Selinko,
(German ed.)
Diane Haeger, The Secret Wife of King George IV
St. Martin's, 2000, hb
Amanda Elyot,
By a Lady
Three Rivers, 2006, pb
Lucy Moore, Liberty
Harper Perennial (UK), 2011, pb
Juliette Benzoni, Marianne et l'Inconnu de Toscane
Pocket, 2001, pb
Jo Graham,
The General's Mistress
Gallery, 2012, pb

Kara Louise,
Darcy's Voyage
Sourcebooks, 2010, pb
Abigail Reynolds, Mr Darcy's Obsession
Sourcebooks, 2010, pb
Stephanie Barron,
Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron
Bantam, 2010, pb

Mary Balogh,
No Man's Mistress
Dell, 2002, pb

Daniel Defoe,
Moll Flanders

Literary Classics (Kindle)

Daphne du Maurier,
My Cousin Rachel
(need help IDing this ed.)

Barbara Hambly,
Patriot Hearts
Bantam, 2007, pb

Source: Madame Récamier by François Gérard (1770-1837).  Thanks to Susan Holloway Scott and Avis from She Reads and Reads for identifying many of these, to Sarah Latoza for coming up with the Balogh, and Brett Correa for discovering example #14 at last!


Candida Clark, A House of Light
Headline, 2005, pb
Janice Kulyk Keefer,
The Ladies Lending Library
HarperCollins Canada, 2008, pb
Thanks to Vanessa Rommens of the London (ON) Public Library
for the example.


Melanie Dobson,
The Silent Order
Summerside Press, 2010, pb
Laura Hilton,
Patchwork Dreams
Whitaker House, 2011, pb
Thanks to Rachel Ropper from Thoughts from a Compulsive Reader for the example!


Catherine Delors,
Mistress of the Revolution
Dutton, 2008, hb
Georgette Heyer,
The Convenient Marriage
Sourcebooks, 2009, pb
Emma Donoghue,
Life Mask
Harcourt, 2004, hb
Frances Wilson,
The Courtesan's Revenge
Faber & Faber, 2004, hb
Delia Sherman,
The Porcelain Dove
Plume, 1994, hb
Source:  The Stolen Kiss by Jean-Honoré Fragonard.  Thanks to Sarah Latoza for the first pairing, and Avis of She Reads and Reads for the other examples.


Elizabeth Aston, The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy
Touchstone, 2004, pb
Pam Rosenthal, The Slightest Provocation
NAL, 2006, pb
Jane Aiken Hodge, Windover
St. Martin's Press, 1992, hb
William Dean Howells, Criticism and Fiction
Dodo Press, pb
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility
Dodo Press, 2007, pb
Harold Bindloss, Vane of the Timberlands
Dodo Press, pb
Source:  Margaret, Countess of Blessington by Thomas Lawrence.  Thanks to Avis of She Reads and Reads for the examples.


Sheila Kohler, Love Child
Penguin, 2011, pb
Elizabeth Musser,
The Sweetest Thing
Bethany House, 2011, pb
Alyson Richman,
The Lost Wife
Hodder, 2012, pb


Leah Fleming, Remembrance Day
Avon UK, 2009, pb
Lynn Sheene,
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Berkley, 2011, pb
Manuel Rivas, El Lapiz del Carpintero (The Carpenter's Pencil, Spanish) Júlio Magalhăes, Por Ti, Resistirei (Portuguese)
Source: Alfred Eisenstaedt, Pennsylvania Station, New York City, 1944.  Thanks to António Araújo for the last two and the source details.


Elise Frances Miller,
A Time to Cast Away Stones
Sand Hill Review, 2012, pb
Manuel Moya,
Cinzas de Abril
Sextante, 2012, pb
Thanks to António Araújo for the example.


Martin Davies,
The Year After
Hodder & Stoughton, 2011, hb
M.L. Malcolm,
Heart of Deception
Morrow, 2011, pb


Marc Pallares, Ulls Verds (Catalan) Janice Y.K. Lee,
The Piano Teacher
Leslie Thomas,
The Magic Army (Arrow, earlier ed.)
Leslie Thomas,
The Magic Army (Arrow, 2004, pb)
Domingos Amaral, Já Ninguém Morre de Amor (Portuguese)
Note how the scenic backdrop and the couple's hair/outfits change.  Thanks to António Araújo for the example.


Kelly O'Connor McNees,
The Last Summer of Louisa May Alcott
Berkley, 2011, pb
Adam McOmber,
The White Forest
Touchstone, 2012, hb
Jane Austen, Emma
Transatlantic Classics, 2012, pb
E. M. Forster,
De Gode Grćd
Hćftet (Denmark), 2011, pb
Wendy Wallace,
The Painted Bridge
S&S UK, 2013, pb
Thanks to Emily Victorson of Allium Press of Chicago for the first two examples, and Avis of She Reads and Reads for the second pair!


Gillian Bagwell,
The Darling Strumpet
(Polish edition)
Laura Navarre,
By Royal Command
Carina Press, 2012, ebook
Thanks to Gillian Bagwell for the example!


Lilian Nattel,
The Singing Fire
Scribner, 2005, pb
Leo Tolstoy,
Anna Karenina
Penguin Classics, pb
Source: Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Ivan Kramskoi. Thanks to Brett Correa for the example!


Cecelia Holland,
Great Maria
Sourcebooks, 2010, pb
Susan Higginbotham,
Hugh and Bess
Sourcebooks, 2009, pb
Regina O'Melveny,
The Book of Madness and Cures
Back Bay, 2013, pb
Source: Judith and Holofernes by Cristofano Allori.  Thanks to Brett Correa for the examples!


Persia Woolley,
Queen of the Summer Stars
Sourcebooks, 2011, pb
Karen Harper,
Mistress Shakespeare
Putnam, 2009, hb
Source: The Soul of the Rose by John William Waterhouse. Thanks to Brett Correa for the example!


Lynn Shepherd,
A Fatal Likeness
Delacorte, 2013, hb
Kate Manning,
My Notorious Life by Madame X
Bloomsbury, 2013, hb
Thanks to Marina Maxwell for the find!  (Likely two different photos from the same shoot)


Diane Haeger,
The Perfect Royal Mistress
Broadway, 2007, pb
Susan Holloway Scott,
The King's Favorite
NAL, 2008, pb
Source: Portrait of Nell Gwyn, Peter Lely.  Nell Gwyn is the subject of both of these novels.  Thanks to Brett Correa.


Annemarie Selinko,
Sourcebooks, 2010, pb
Jennifer Donnelly,
A Northern Light
HMH, 2004, pb
Source: Photo by Laurence Dutton, Getty Images.
Thanks to Brett Correa.


Marge Piercy,
Sex Wars
Morrow, 2006, hb
Cari Lynn and Kellie Martin,
Plume, 2014, pb
Source: Photo by Reunion des Musees Nationaux/Art Resource.
Thanks to Brett Correa.


Maggie Anton,
Rav Hisda's Daughter
Plume, 2012, pb
Beth Jacobi,
Mona Lisa of the Galilee
Troubador, 2014, pb
Thanks to Brett Correa.


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